Study from Home

Study from Home

If your study habit is open your history book in front of a television blaring the latest reality show while you eat pizza and text a friend, you are not studying. You are playing in the presence of your homework. I know at home it’s difficult to find a time and method away from distractions to study even when your family understands hoe important it is to get your college degree. It’s not like you can tell your parents, sister or grandmother who is very interested in your life to be quiet and leave you alone. Well, I guess you could ask, but you might as well ask for a magic carpet to go with it. There are good measures you can use to study from home.

If possible, find a private space (other than the bathroom) for you to set out your books and concentrate. Time management is often a factor in maintaining a shield of silence for your studies. Tell your family that you are going to study for 2 hours, then after that time you will be available to talk or make dinner or go to a movie. People tend to give you spaces of alone time as long as they know you have a plan to be with them later. Particularly children, who need to look forward to things. It also helps them feel like they are helping you get your degree. It’s good to take study breaks after a certain period of time anyway. Your brain has only so much energy and attention so giving it a rest every 2 hours or so is important to its overall care and your learning capability.

Using your computer to take notes or do online research and look for help online education services, like study daddy. We are trained to stare and interact with computers intently and focus on the glowing screen. You can’t blame that on your college degree, a lifetime of television has done that to us. Make sure you are not instant messaging or distracted by non-study content. Make sure to take occasional stand and stretch breaks to give your body and mind a time to rejuvenate.

The keys to studying at home are really communication, cooperation and discipline. Setting aside the time, and letting your family know its important to you and you future to get this degree will help pave the way to good study habits, even at home.

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