Surveillance Security

A business continuity policy has been discussed. The cost of recommended items has been stated along with installation charges.The company, 1-Click Mobile Phones Ltd. which is a mobile phone mail-order sales and repairs company based in the West Midlands (United Kingdom), needs physical surveillance and information security to ensure the security of workforce, system devices and equipment, resources, documents and sensitive information stored on physical media (like hardware programs and networks) from damaging proceedings like unauthorized access, fire, espionage, burglary, theft, vandalism, accidental loss or intentional crime that could cause severe harm to an activity or to the whole company. The security of hardware has to be made sure along with the guarantee that the servers are running smoothly and have internet access.As 1-Click Mobile Phones Ltd. is setting up its fresh network, the workforce needs to take into account security threats that the network may face. Some of the major computer security threats the company may face include theft, fraud, backdoor, DoS (Denial of Service) attacks, data flood, malicious code, document grinding, and enumeration. Employees need to know that frauds, like gaining access to computers that control access to important resources as inventory systems and financial accounts, are more likely to be attempted by authorized persons who are also referred to as insiders and the situation is called employee sabotage (Bogue 2003). Network security threats include malware, anti-DNS pinning, banner grabbing, backpacking, hacking, land attack, blue boxing and domain hijacking. The company’s physical security also deals with environmental threats that include fire, windstorms, rainstorms, snowstorms, torrents, tornados, lightning, roof leaks, very high or very low temperature, heavy dust, earthquakes and moisture which canharm the computer system or network at a very high level.