The Changes in Office Systems Due to Advanced Technology

The tools to manage could be manual or technological. Throughout the 20th century and particularly in the first decade of the 21st century, many technological products including many IT products were developed throughout the world, which had and is still having applications in all spheres of human lives. Out of the many technological products, a good number is being used in office management. That is, offices of today have used or integrated communications systems in every aspect of their functioning. From opening a simple door to carrying out advanced operations, technology has become an omnipresent entity in offices, with their entire operations hinging on the support provided by technology, particularly Information Technology.As mentioned above, the 20th century is the ‘gateway’ for the entry of many new technologies in all spheres of life. As the early 20th century saw the full effects of the Industrial Revolution, many new technological products made their presence felt in organizations or factories or offices. Particularly in offices, technology was at its fullest use. That is, only in the early 20th century, people ‘organized’ themselves into a structured setup like offices to carry out their duties. While carrying those duties only, the technological products came into the picture and started to aid them in the early part of the 20th century. The first of the new breed of technological machines, which started making a presence in the office environment, is the Adding machines. Adding machines carried out additions and other mathematical calculations and in turn, replaced many employees who were specifically employed for doing these calculations. That is, by carrying out various calculations, Adding machines minimized the number of employees, thereby changing the structure or the interior of the offices in many fields like banking and accounting.