The Customer Service of a Public Sector Organization

The departments of public sector organizations that are gaining the most important these days are waste collection and street cleansing for a number of reasons. Firstly, waste management is becoming an issue globally and there are drastic steps being undertaken to ensure that waste is properly collected and managed. For managing it, the pre-requisite is the proper collection. The pipeline of processes i.e. appropriate management and disposal comes next to the collection because waste is nothing good by any means to have warehoused or stored, it needs to be disposed on an urgent basis alongside waste cannot be left lying idle for long. So there is tremendous importance of its appropriate mechanisms and scheduling of collection. In addition, timely collection of wastage leads to cleanliness in town that has several other benefits such as a healthy environment, an attraction for foreigners (tourism and investment), etc. Secondly, road cleansing is also of extreme importance. Keeping roads cleaned not just keeps the environment and town cleaned but also extends the life of the roads by means of good maintenance. And again keeping the towns clean attracts masses to enjoy and adds to the beautification.So far things seem pretty smooth because the jobs are well defined and so are the consequences to it. However, the problem arises due to the fact that in accordance with the rules of economics, there are limited or scarce resources. thus, the appropriate allocation is a mandatory action. Accordingly, there are limited resources for the waste management and street cleansing department as well in terms of machinery and human resource available. Consequently, it becomes difficult to have an eye on all the streets and places at the same time. Therefore, there is a need for public cooperation rather than criticism.So the problem here is making the public realize that there are constraints and making them feel that it is their responsibility to lodge complain once there is an issue, and wait patiently till it is resolved.