The Effect of Management Style on Employee Behaviour

The problem can be corrected with the cooperation of all the employees of the department and the management of BAPCO.It is an accepted fact that employees play an integral part in the survival and growth of any organization. It is the vision, role and style of the management that determines the quality and productivity of employees. Professional management with proper consideration towards all stakeholders, focused on profitability, and growth is essential for the success of any commercial operation. In such an instance the style of management that determines employee behaviour is worth studying. This paper focuses on theories of management and leadership which ultimately forms the foundation of a management style followed by a particular organization and its effect on employee behavior.In this instance, the company that is taken up for study is the Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO). The paper will review different leadership styles which include traditional views, the style approach, the Tannenbaum and Schmidt theory , motivation theories, the styles propounded by Abraham Maslow and Frederick Herzberg, the cultural impact on management, job satisfaction and Vroom’s Expectancy (Theory of Motivation). It will then apply the theory to the management style followed in the above-mentioned organization. A survey will be conducted within the plant maintenance department (PMD) of BAPCO in order to understand the practical implications of the management style followed by the company.Every organization is faced with a contradiction with regard to the needs of its different stakeholders. The shareholders and the management are focused on maximizing return on investment. This involves minimizing costs and increasing productivity. The employees on the other hand will look at maximizing their earnings and benefits which could result in a conflict of interests between them and the management. It is the responsibility of the management to see that workers are kept satisfied and motivated so that the company is profitable.