The Gorgon Gas Project

The project has been mainly criticized for the harmful impact that it will have on the ecosystem of the Barrow Islands. Other critics have raised the issue that the increased Carbon did oxide productions as a result of this venture will harm the environment of the area and will effectively harm the natural habitat of that region. Although it will bring the country many economic benefits, most critics are claiming that it will also effectively destroy the ecology of the local area.The main issue that this report aims to analyze is the way that the media has depicted the impact of Gorgon on the environment of the region and how this depiction has affected the public’s opinion of the project. The main question that this analysis seeks to answer is whether the media depiction of Gorgon’s environmental effect has been such that it had led the public to believe that Chevron Australia is not engaging in adequate sustainability efforts. The reason that this question has been chosen is that Chevron believes in forming lasting relationships with the Australian public and the company understands the importance of forming a positive image upon the minds of the people whose life the company’s many business endeavors touch. Policymakers at Chevron also believe that the answers to this question will provide them with an insight into how they should go about developing their PR strategy and which issues they would need to target most particularly.This report aims to analyze the media’s depiction of this issue and to research whether there is any sort of bias in this respect. Another issue that this paper is going to cover the way that this subject has been conveyed to the public and study the tone of positivity or negativity that has been attributed to this project.