The Impact of Sexual Cultural Practices on General Health and the Lives of Its Members

Initially when the word sexuality was used in scientific terms, it outline the essence of the errotic feelings and desires of humans but when combined together with term like bi, hetero or homo, it came to describe the different types of individuals who in material form possessed these scrupulous wishes. (Bristow 2) Sex is the physical course of action of the process of intercourse whereas sexuality is how you feel, perceive or experience it.Studies have shown that when individuals move from one culture to another, the impact of culture on the sexuality of females is much greater than that on males. Christensen and Carpenter, (as cited in McAnulty and Burnette, 2006) argue that recently more information is being accumulated on the subject of sex and how it differs across different cultures and this will increase the knowledge database on the subject which wasn’t available in such a quantity in the past, the information provided by studies conducted on such matters gives proof that there is not much unevenness between the cross-cultural practices of men and women but when comparing the two one can conclude that those women tend to be at variance a lot more across those cultural margins in comparison to the male individuals.People have varying cultural practices regarding sex and sexuality. their beliefs and culture depend upon their religion, beliefs, social customs and area in which they are living. Where their cultural practices offer benefits, they also pose high risks for the individuals undergoing them e.g. FGM is mostly done in unhygienic conditions and also without anaesthesia, it is an extremely painful procedure and if things don’t go well, it could result in infection, diseases, infertility or even death. Also, it permanently deprives the child of sexual pleasure for without her genitalia she will never be able to enjoy her sexual life. It is a cultural norm for those people, and any girl who is not circumcised loses her chance of marriage as it is considered disgraceful to marry a girl who is open.