The Importance of Space

This paper illustrates that during construction one must be able to understand elements such as space, centers, boundaries, paths and alignments during construction. According to David Summers conceptualization, the center was used to define a place where heavens could be traced.According to this author, the center was not articulated initially but stones were placed as signs of signifying the rising of the sun and moon1. The author also argues that paths are important since they acknowledge places and centers hence providing a means of approach and departure. He further argues that the paths cannot be in place without the concept of understanding lines. According to the author, most of the lines converge at the center. On the other hand, the purpose of alignment is to put the center in the most direct possible contact with the external thing that may be the moon, mountain or another center. Using David Summer’s conceptualization the building was located in the center. Surrounding the mansion was a brick wall in a rectangular manner. The building was located at the center to allow for approach and departure from both sides. From the gate directly to the main entrance of the building is a path neatly done with stone blocks. The main entry faces the gate. This is aimed at ensuring that visitors do not interfere with private properties. The direct path from the gate is also important in case of emergency and this can help in the evacuation. From the main door inside the building is a path that leads to the sitting room and to the diner. On the left is the visitor’s bedroom. There is a considerable space between the dining room and the sitting room allowing space for easy movement. The main window is located just near the main entrance door which also illuminates light into the house. The path from the main entrance leads directly to an exit which can also be used as an emergency door in case of any danger. The rear end of the building also contains a wider spacing which is open. However, this spacing is private in the sense that only recommended people can access it especially those living and working within the building.