The Integration of Information Technologies in Contemporary Business Supply Chains

Dr.Cheng was awarded as one of the most-cited authors in Engineering between 1994-2004 by the ISI Web of Knowledge. The date of birth information on the author could not be located.Selina S.M. Ho currently holds a master’s degree in Information Systems from the University of Southern Queensland and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (respectively) and is currently the director of Pacific Industrial Limited4. This author’s research areas include decision support systems and supply-chain information systems. The date of birth information on the author could not be located.The topic of this article is an exploration of the integration of information technologies in contemporary business supply chains. The goal of the research project was to identify whether a series of critical success factors exist during the implementation of sophisticated supply chain software. The topic suggests that, historically, problems with advanced IT integration have caused significant problems for contemporary businesses thus a new model of best practice must be identified through research.The article specifically highlights the implementation processes of WSCMS software of a firm anonymously labeled ABC Company, though this firm is listed in the Dow Jones Industrial index, suggesting a company of large-scale proportions. The scope of the article is a blend of secondary and primary research, with the primary research targeting 350 potential respondents to return a series of questionnaires, which were delivered via e-mail systems over a two week period. The company highlighted in this project operated within the United States.The authors suggest a thesis which states that implementation of WSCMS software is a much more complicated process than other supply-chain-related software, thus identifying the critical success factors necessary to ease software integration must be identified.