The Life of a Slave Girl by H Jacobs and Huckleberry Finn by M Twain

Twain is widely recognized as a writer more appealing to the society and represents freedom for freedom. Jacobs depicts slavery as the oppression of freedom or social restrictions of slaves’ rights for further existence. Therefore Twain and Jacobs provide two different approaches to freedom as the essence of human life and as a means of further existence. Thesis: Freedom for Americans is not a means, it is the main goal. Jacob’s reflection of freedom of Slavery as a drastic oppression against Afro-Americans was depicted by Jacobs basing on her own experience of being oppressed. The main goal of slaveholders was to gain money and they tried to destroy a family unit among their slaves. In this paradigm, the readers can trace the way a theme of freedom is depicted by Jacobs. The facts of oppression by slaveholders are scaring. Slaves didn’t have a chance to realize their dreams and to live the lives they wanted. A constant destruction of family values prevented slaves from creating their families. The main character of the novel, Linda is shown as a fighter for her freedom. A desire for freedom is also shown by another character in the book, Benjamin. Therefore, two heroes Linda and Benjamin are striving for freedom and do not want to take the line of the least resistance. they are selfless fighters for freedom. These characters are perceived by readers as real heroes, full of desire to live free lives with no oppression. An atmosphere of Linda’s childhood is full of a gender and racial bias. Though Linda is persuaded to stop fighting against enslavement and advised to adapt to her daily hardships under oppression, she doesn’t hesitate and gives birth to her children, her followers of fighting for freedom. Being a mother, she fights for her freedom and freedom for her children. She says: “…I would not have taken it [freedom] at the expense of leaving them in slavery” (Jacobs 89). Linda opposes to the slaves who are satisfied with their existence as slaves. Freedom is not a material thing for Linda and it surely can’t be bought. Thus, Jacobs make readers think about what freedom means nowadays? Modern people perceive freedom as is, as a non-material privilege of making a personal choice. In order to realize the real value of freedom in the modern society, it is necessary to read such kind of books. In this case, freedom won’t be perceived as a certain entity. contemporaries would finally realize that they have a chance to live the lives they want because thousands of fighters among slaves, revolutionaries and other courageous aspirers for freedom made it the way it is now. Maybe the greatest value of freedom is to live not thinking about what freedom is. Freedom is an unseen door to a world with endless possibilities. The theme of Freedom reflected by Twain The theme of freedom is evidently shown in Huckleberry Finn. This boy is forcefully subjected to a ‘structural life’. Finn is a fighter for freedom whose intentions are closer to contemporaries. Finn doesn’t fight for freedom, as all of us do not currently. He looks for possibilities to make his life better and more comfortable for him. He wants calmness and comfort. he wants to escape for escape and adventures for adventures. Finn is more wanderer and adventurer than a fighter. He protects his possibility to make a choice and exist beyond oppressive social bounds.