The Meaning of the Second Amendment

The Bill of Rights is a unique set of documents that are part of the United States Constitution. The founding fathers of the United States of America put forward these rights so as to protect the citizens of the country while imposing significant constraints on the federal government. The Bill of Rights are constitutional amendments inside the United States Constitution which allow choice and free will in terms of the citizen’s ability to practice religion, express opinions, possess weapons, appeal in American courts, and meet together without any federal interference. These amendments also help to prevent the federal government from making any laws that infringe on the individual rights of American citizens. Several ancient British laws like the Magna Carta were instrumental in the creation and drafting of the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights has been considered the symbol of American freedom, human rights, and democracy. The Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights allows the citizens of the United States of America to maintain and sustain arms (Hickock, 1991). This research paper studies the Second Amendment in detail by providing historical background and purpose. It makes conclusions regarding the motives of the founding fathers regarding the framing of this constitutional amendment. The research paper reviews the applicability of the constitutional amendment in light of changing modern society. It finally makes the conclusion that the Second Amendment should only protect the rights of legitimate state-sanctioned security forces.This constitutional amendment of the Bill of Rights provides citizens of the United States of America with the right to maintain and sustain weapons for their protection and defense. The amendment was passed because there were fears amongst the founding fathers that the federal government would seek to impose its own rule by disarming the people.