The Olympic Games Stakeholders

The events sector in a given economy plays an important role in ensuring sustainable development of the region. Different individuals influence, or are affected by, the events conducted in a region. There are individuals who have interests in the events. There are those who take part in the decision making process in the planning of the events. Other individuals will be affected in some way through conducting the event. There are also individuals with the resources that are necessary to conduct the event. Every event also has some target group(s) that will be its audience. The actual participants in the events are also important parties to be considered. In general, an event will draw members from both the public and the private organizations. The success of an event will depend on the ability of the organizers to identify the key stakeholders and understand their needs. The organizers of an event need to engage the stakeholders just from the preliminary stages of the event’s preparation. There is need to have a timely response to the needs of these individuals in order to meet the objectives set for the event. This paper focuses on the Olympic Games as one of the events that are conducted on the international scene. The different stakeholders of this event are discussed with how they are closely attached to the events. There has also been a need to focus on the mechanisms that have been employed to engage these stakeholders in this mega-event. The Sporting event- the Olympic Games constitute some of the mega-events that are conducted on the international scene. The event is organized after every two years with the Summer Olympic Games and Winter Olympic Games alternating after every two years. Olympic Games involve a number of athletic competitions with athletes and players drawn from across the globe. The event has been in existence for centuries and has been hosted by different countries over this period. The recent hosts of the event include Sydney, Australia (2000), Salt Lake City, Utah-USA (2002), Athens, Greece (2004), Turin, Italy (2006), Beijing, China (2008), and Vancouver, Canada (2010).1 The event is also scheduled to take place in London, U.K. (2012), Sochi, Russia (2014), and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2016).2 The recent Olympic Games were also accompanied by the Paralympics Olympic Games as was witnessed in the Salt Lake Olympic Games in Utah.3 Stakeholders of the Olympic Games For a given organization, a stakeholder is an individual, groups of individuals, or other organizations that are affected by, or can influence the operations of the organizations.4 The stakeholders in a given business organization include the employees, the shareholders, the customers, the suppliers, the government, the competitors, and the community among many others.5 Similarly, an event, whether organized for profit or not for profit, also has stakeholders affecting or affected by the conduct of the event. The stakeholders have different ways through which they are attached to a given event. They have varied interest in the event as well as varied power to influence the planning and execution of the event.6 As such, there are primary and secondary stakeholders.