The strong earthquakes happened in Sichuan province how it influence local people

The Wenchuan and Ya’an earthquakes have been devastating to the local people. Wenchuan earthquake occurred in 2008 while Ya’an earthquake occurred in 2013 (Chen et al 2013). This paper seeks to discuss the occurrence of the Sichuan Province’s earthquake and how influenced local people.Sichuan Province has a pre-cambrium basement with a double layer texture (Yueqiao et al 2013). This is exposed in the province forming the Western region. This pre-cambrium basement is what forms the Upper Yangtze Platform. In the time of late Palaeozoic-Masozoic geology states that the Sichad seat was the point where the Asian plates extended from. It led to Palaeo-Tethys extended from Southwest Asia to Southeast Asia. Sichuan Province harbors plateaus on its Western side. Thisplateaus are cited as the greatest Indosinian fold zones on the planet Earth. The province has also experienced very strong Post- Triassic intercontinental modifications. This includes cases of various geotectonic movements in the Province like block faulting, seismic activity, glaciations and mudflows. This incidence has led to a situation referred to as a geological mystery in Sichuan province (Gioncu amp. Federico 2011).Sichuan Province is susceptible to earthquakes and studies have shown reasons for the occurrences of earthquakes in the region (der Hilst 2008). The man-made activities together with the natural factors have led to the high prevalence of earthquakes in Sichuan Province. Engineers in Geology and Seismology have reported that that the water collected in the Zipingpu water reservoir triggered the earthquake. The dam is made up of 470 fit high concrete upstream from Dujiangyan (der Hilst 2008). It was seen that the Sichuan earthquake in May 2008 its epicenter was close to the dam. It was four miles from the dam and the area around the dam was highly affected by the earthquake (Macdougall 2011).According to the world Commission on dams, the 2008