The Success of Antidiscrimination Legislation

Various measures have been introduced through the years for the limitation of the phenomenon of discrimination in the workplace. however all of these measures (or at least the majority of them) have been proved to be inadequate taking into account the current social and cultural characteristics of most of the countries internationally. The extension of the phenomenon of discrimination could be understood only through a brief presentation of the conditions that people belonging in specific groups of the population face in the workplace. On the other hand, the current paper focuses specifically on the problems faced in the workplace by people belonging in minority ethnic groups. For this reason, inequality in the workplace will be examined and discussed specifically for the people belonging to these groups. no reference to another group of the population that currently faces inequality in the workplace will be made. Moreover, because the reference to the legislation that has been developed for the protection of the employment rights of people belonging in minority ethnic groups is necessary, a specific legal framework has been chosen as an indicative example of current legislative efforts made towards the protection of the rights of people belonging in minority ethnic groups in the workplace. the legal framework chosen is that of the UK.The presence of ethnic minority groups in the UK (as in most developed countries internationally) could be characterized as significant. In accordance with a relevant report ‘92.1 per cent of the UK, population described themselves as white (though not necessarily British). the remaining 7 per cent(4.6 million) belonged to non-white ethnic minority groups’ (ESRC, 2007, online report). In other words, people that belonging in ethnic minority groups play an important role in the development of British economy – through their work in various industrial activities – their presence in various scientific fields, like the legal profession, is rather limited.