The United Nations Organisations Effect On The Conduct Of Diplomacy

international security. development of friendly relations between nations. achievement of international cooperation by resolving international problems and by the encouragement of respect for human rights. and is a center where the efforts of nations are harmonized. With headquarters in New York, the United Nations Organization has a significant presence in Geneva, Vienna, and Nairobi, according to the Federal Office of Communications (2005).Various international organizations and agencies help the UNO in conducting world affairs more successfully among countries, and in preventing conditions of anarchy or disorder in all regions of the world (Thakur 2001). “One of the main purposes of the United Nations Organization is the maintenance of international peace and security” (Acuna 1995, p.1). Besides peace-keeping, the United Nations Organization is also responsible for the maintenance of diplomacy among the different member countries. One of the key components of the United Nations is the Security Council which is conferred with wide-ranging powers by the United Nations’ member countries.The United Nations Organization is at the legislative and normative centre of numerous international organizations that influence the everyday life of people across the globe, in several different ways. The United Nations Organization heads several Subsidiary Bodies, Programmes and Funds, Functional and Regional Commissions, Standing Committees, Expert Bodies, Specialized Agencies and, other organizations. Specialized Agencies include the World Health Organization (WHO), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the World Bank group, and other international bodies (UN, 2012).In the new millennium, with the birth of a new era in world affairs, “the United Nations is the focus of hopes and aspirations for a future where men and women live at peace with themselves and in harmony with nature” (Thakur 2000, p.2).