Training Process of Employees

In any organization, the recruitment and training function will most times be a continuous process due to certain needs, and so the leader or the manager particularly the Human Resource Manager should perform the staffing function at all times. In an organization, all the employees or individuals will not be able to perform at their optimal best, a few may need some form of training to reach the expected levels. That is, as the organization recruits news staff, the majority of them will have the necessary skills and the capability to do the job, but few of them have to train or coached or mentored. So, the few or more new recruits have to be ‘equipped’ to do the job. Also, sometimes the existing staff may also fall short in certain aspects, and in that case, also, they have to coach and mentor.All organizations are committed to a certain standard and not all employees have the potential to achieve that requirement. So, training procedures are followed in an organization to meet the required standard. A proper training approach requires a thorough knowledge of the current practices in the environment and based on that suitable actions are taken. The training procedure to be implemented in Pickfords is discussed here.After having completely assessed the current training program and development needs at Pickfords hereby I suggest a systematic training procedure for the betterment of the individual as well as the organization. Following the training cycle is a simple model of the proposed training approach.Pickfords clearly recognizes that its employees are an important asset. By providing maximum opportunities, working environment, and support, Pickfords can equip the employees’ skill level and knowledge level, so they can assist it optimally to meet the set targets. To assess the training needs in Pickfords, first the required level of employee competence to meet our standard is to be worked out.