Training Professionals Increasing the Chance for Innovation and Change

Proper coordination between the training as well as the personnel roles is required such as recruitment and selection, employee relation, reward system, and performance appraisal (Center of Excellence, 2004).It is through training that the quality of the labor can be enhanced since the employees are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge. Innovation can be of numerous forms that can assist the management at the organization to stimulate the capital services and thus enhance the efficiency of the processes of production.The main objective of the essay is to discover the role played by training professionals in innovation and change in an organization. Therefore, the essay further tries to explore the views of three different writers regarding the role played by training professionals in today’s business in order to deliver innovation. Furthermore, the essay will try to identify the ways through which the training professionals tend to approach the design as well as the delivery of the training and development programs. It will try to identify the two different Australian organizations that have developed an innovation in their training and development programs. The essay will also try to compare and contrast the approaches of training of the two organizations.According to Scott Brum, it has been identified that training is one of the significant aspects for companies that want to gain a competitive advantage. Professionals, as well as the scholars, have debated regarding the effect that training has in relation to the employees and also upon the objectives of the organization. While one school of thought has mentioned that the training is the prime reason for increased turnover rates, the other school of thought perceives that training may lead to high retention of the employees in an organization. Irrespective of the fact that where one professional or scholar falls in this debate, it has been agreed by the professionals that the most multifarious human resource practice impacting the success of a company has been the employee training (Brum, 2007).