Treasure Island Journal

Jim’s father passes away during these chapters as well. Another character, a blind man comes looking for Billy Bones. He gives Billy a black spot which appears to be a secret pirate code. Jim is very fearful during these chapters. He is not only afraid for himself, but also for his mother. Though Jim is enthralled by the pirates he is also afraid of what they can do and at the end of chapter three he flees the Admiral Benbow with his mother. April 15, 2011 This entry will discuss chapters four through six. Jim and his mother decide to return to the inn. Billy Bones is now dead from a stroke. They take the key from around Billy’s neck and use it to open the sea chest where they find gold. Jim and his mother take some gold and a few papers before fleeing the inn for fear the pirates might return. Both of them manage to hide near the inn. Jim sees the pirates approaching, which included the blind man. It is revealed the blind man’s name is Pew. The pirates seem to be looking for something in particular and when they don’t find it they become violent and enraged. Pew is killed when he is run over outside the inn by men on horseback. Jim thinks that the papers he took from the sea chest may have been what the pirates were looking for. Jim brings the papers wrapped in oilskin to Dr. Livesey who is at Squire Trelawney’s house. … April 16, 2011 This entry explores chapters seven through twelve. Squire Trelawney is able to secure a ship and crew. The ship is called the Hispaniola. Squire Trelawney meets the character, Long John Silver in Bristol who assists him and asks to come along on the voyage as the ship’s cook. Squire Trelawney accepts. Jim comes to Bristol to meet up with Squire Trelawney and Long John Silver. Jim brings Tom Redruth along to be part of the ship’s crew. Jim meets Long John Silver at a tavern called the Spyglass. Jim seems to like Silver very much. Dr. Livesey meets Silver and likes him immediately as well. The character Black Dog appears again in the Spyglass, but leaves abruptly when he sees Silver. Also introduced in these chapters are the Captain Smollet and the first mate Mr. Arrow. Mr. Arrow disappears quite early on. It is not clear what exactly happened, but his drunken ways may be to blame. Job Anderson becomes the new first mate. Jim overhears an important conversation while hiding in an apple barrel one night. Silver talks about some of his adventures with the dead pirate Captain Flint. Jim now realizes that Silver and most of the crew members are pirates and are out for the rest of Flint’s treasure. Jim confides his new found information with Squire Trelawney and Captain Smollet. April 17, 2011 I have read chapters thirteen through fifteen and this is my account of it. The crew drops anchor and goes ashore but some remain behind. Jim and the other honest men try to reclaim the ship and figure out what to do about the pirates. Jim leaves his friends to go ashore with the pirates and then hides. The others on board the ships begin to arm themselves with weapons. So far Silver suspects nothing. Jim witnesses Silver killing one of his