Trust in Relation to the Attachment Levels of Child and Mother Relationship

The physical connection is created when the baby is growing in the secure womb of its mother and it is well familiar with each and every touch of its mother. After taking birth the child physically gets separated from the mother and starts a new life as a separate living being but yet the physical needs don’t finish. The child needs mother for complete growth. In this, the psychological growth is very important. This attachment is very necessary for the overall development of the child. A deep trust between both of them develops through the attachment. Many psychologists have proved that the mental or psychological attachment of the mother with the child provides social, emotional as well as psychological pedestal which the child needs for developing decision-making capacity independently. The more secure the child is, the more he becomes courageous and confident. “Psychologists research shows that the quality of care infants receive affects how they later get along with friends, how well they do in school and how they react to new and possibly stressful, situations.” (Beth Azar, PsycNet 2009) This research paper aims at investigating the relationship between mother-child attachment and the trust establishes in the children and the security comes from the attachment with their mother. As per the research of Elizabeth Meins and Harris Paul “Even when the attachment system is not obviously activated, and children are simply unsure about the available evidence, the present results suggest that children prefer information from their mother rather than a stranger, and the strength of that preference is moderated by their attachment status. (Meins and Harris) This research paper tries to investigate the correlation between the trust and the attachment of the child and his mother. For this research paper, the previous research of Paul Harris and Elizabeth Meins will be considered as a major source.