Antibiotic Doripenem

Individuals with pyelonephritis and acute concomitant sickness have severe tissue infection and are in danger of bacteremia. the advantage is realized due to early admission for discussion and concentrated parenteral antimicrobial treatment (Klostranec and Kolin 2012).The infection normally begins from the lower urinary tract as a UTI. Bacteria penetrate one’s body through the urethra and start to multiply and increase up the track. From the bladder, the microorganisms propagate up through the urethras to the kidneys. Bacteria such as Escherichia coli usually acknowledged as E. coli often ground the contagion. But any severe infectivity in the bloodstream can extend to the kidneys and lead to acute pyelonephritis (Madara and Pomarico-Denino 2008).Chronic pyelonephritis is more frequent in youngsters or in individuals with urinary obstructions. When the urinary region is of abnormal shape or size, it is more probable that illness can cause acute pyelonephritis. Any person with persistent kidney stones or other kidney or bladder situation is also a danger. At any time there is a problem that interrupts the normal run of urine there is a bigger threat of sensitive pyelonephritis (Madara and Pomarico-Denino 2008).Ascending urinary tract infection: 75% of pyelonephritis circumstances are because of E. coli. ten to fifteen percent are caused by additional Gram-negative rods, Enterobacter, Proteus, Klebsiella. others consist of Pseudomonas, Citrobacter and Serratia (Schlossberg 2008). Gram-positive agents comprise Enterococcus faecalis and, not common, Staphylococcus aureus anaerobesThe antimicrobial fight has been influencing the discipline of communicable diseases since the detection of penicillin (Mayers 2008).

Reasons for Engaging in Smoking

Arguably, many smokers cannot do without their daily pack of cigarettes. Others often try quitting but in no time, they get back to the old habit. There are individuals who cannot work or talk before a dose of their favorite brand. One wonders what makes people smoke. How powerful is the stimulant nicotine in tobacco that it makes its users not to go a day without a puff? Different people smoke for different purposes and at different times (Rathus and Nevid 187). There are varying circumstances that trigger the first smoking experience. There are heavy smokers who smoke several packets per day while others smoke a few sticks. To others, it is an occasional habit. It comes up at times and disappears.According to Jarvis, most smokers start the habit at the start of teenage. The main prompt for most of them to start is out of sheer curiosity. Watching adults smoke gives young teens that are out to explore the curiosity to feel the taste of a puff. This triggers them to light the first cigarette. Some leave it immediately as they realize that the taste is awful and not as amazing as they thought. On several attempts, they get accustomed to the taste and they adopt the habit. Some teens get the temptation to try out smoking after an appealing cigarette advertisement. Since the adverts show how trendy one looks as they smoke, a teenager will try out smoking in order to look like the people in the advert. In other cases, movies showing characters that triumph and have the habit of smoking can trigger a teenager to try out (Rathus and Nevid 187).According to Nicholas and Fowler, teenagers living in a neighborhood where smoking is a common trend are likely to adopt the habit. Some will try out in a bid to look like everyone else. Children whose parents smoke are at a higher risk of trying out. Teens who have low self-esteem will smoke to evade the reality and look more outgoing and wild (Staffo 69).

The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

The characters are Amanda, the mother, who Williams describes as “a little woman of great but confused vitality clinging frantically to another time and place” (Williams, 1945, page 18), Laura, the sister who is handicapped by an illness she suffered in childhood which left “one leg slightly shorter than the other and held in a brace” (Ibid.) and Tom, the protagonist, who Williams describes as “a poet with a job in a warehouse”. It is because of Laura’s disability that it may be safely concluded that she is as fragile as the glass animals she collects (Pilkington, Fredrickson, Whetsell, 2006, p. 190) – literally, the glass menagerie! The plot surrounds Tom’s recollection of the last days he spent with his family before he leaves them for good. The play opens with William’s taking the audience to the past “to that quaint period, the thirties, when the huge middle class of America” was obligated to survive in “a dissolving economy” (Williams, 1945, p.5).The play is about dreams, hopes and memories, arousing sympathy in the audience. (Macaulay, 2007, p.10). Tennessee understood the psyche of the dream world that Tom is so immersed in and how it conflicts with familial responsibility: Tom’s obligations towards his mother and sister, and in the larger context, poetic metaphor. (Ibid.) The play does not just encapsulate the fantasy world that Laura occupies with her animals, but, on a greater scale, Williams explores the world of psychological escape, that he has instilled in many of his characters. (Ibid.) Williams has attempted to exorcise his youth and the ghosts that haunt him from then – a mother who is cavalier, a father who is missing from the scene and a sister with a mental condition and most of all, frustrated ambitions.

Special Traits of Hinduism

Hindus have a fairly conservative culture. This can be partly attributed to the fact that they have lived for a long time with the Muslims. Thus, many Hindu women cover their full bodies including their heads like Muslim women. Hindus are strictly monogamous. Although a man can keep two wives at one time, yet he has to have a strong rationale for having the second wife. A vast majority of Hindus live in joint family systems. Parents have a life-long association with the children and like to keep the children with them even after the children turn into adults and get married. This makes it challenging for the bride to adjust to the extended family system. The bride is expected to adjust in the family and adapt their norms and values rather than the other way round. The adult children are expected to financially support the parents and the family. When Hindus meet one another, the younger touch the feet of the adults as a sign of taking their blessings. Hindus greet one another by joining both of their hands in an upward-clap-like fashion. Different Hindus worship different gods and goddesses and seek help from them. One god common to all Hindus is called Bhagwan. Ethnocentrism is an individual’s tendency to see the world mainly from the ethnic cultural perspective. Hindus believe that they get up to seven lives before their spirit departs eternally from the body. They also believe that the kind of deeds one does in a certain life has an impact upon the conditions one would have to face in the successive life. Hence, an individual who does bad deeds is likely to be raised as an animal in successive life, whereas a person who does good deeds will be rewarded accordingly in the successive life. Therefore, Hindus see this world as a place full of challenges, where they have to behave ethically and do noble deeds so that they deserve happiness in the times to come.

The Comparison of Conrad Josephs Heart of Darkness and Ford Coppola Apocalypse Now

The Comparison of Conrad Josephs Heart of Darkness and Ford Coppola Apocalypse NowBasing his film on the major themes and plot of Joseph Conrad’s "Heart of Darkness", director Ford Coppola’s "Apocalypse Now" depicts Captain Benjamin Willard’s (Special Operations officer) mission to kill a former US army Special Forces agent labeled a defector and declared mentally incapacitated, Walter Kurtz (Coppola). Conversely, Conrad’s literal piece depicts his main character Charles Marlow’s journey through Congo’s treacherous terrain and encounter with barbaric natives while heading towards the central station where the infamous Mr. Kurtz was stationed. Unlike in the film, Marlow harbored no ill intentions towards Kurtz (Willard set out to kill Kurtz). He chose to honor Kurtz by delivering his letters to their specific recipients (Conrad 55). Coppola based his film in Vietnam during the war era, which contrasted the novel’s setting. Conrad’s novel was set deep in the heart of Central Africa’s Congo. The contrast in the plot, main characters’ names and setting represent more obvious, overt differences between the novel and film.One can describe both Marlow and Willard as determined, focused individuals whereby unforeseen challenges did not deter them from their specific missions. The fact that they were both able to meet Kurtz attests to their extreme determination. For example, Marlow remained hopeful about his journey despite finding the ship assigned to him wrecked and in need of repairs, which were likely to take a long time whereas Willard persevered the volatile and brutal conditions present in Vietnam during the war (Coppola. Conrad 30). In addition, both characters held leadership positions. Marlow was the soon-to-be captain of the ship assigned to him by the Ivory Company whereas Willard served as a Captain in the US army Special Operations unit. However, Willard and Marlow had contrasting personalities. Willard was more brutal whereby he exhibited psychotic behaviors that were inhumane. for example, he brutally murdered Kurtz with a machete and departed from the gruesome scene unremorseful. Despite the fact that Willard was simply following orders, his choice of execution method and lack of sympathy indicated a heightened predisposition to engage in brutal, psychotic tendencies. On the other hand, Marlow was more compassionate, as he empathized with others. for example, he chose to lie about Kurtz’s last words when he delivered the letter to Kurtz’s widow who was distraught almost one year after her husband’s demise. In addition, he did not refuse to deliver Kurtz’s letters despite his disapproval of Kurtz’s lifestyle, which encompassed instilling fear among the barbaric native population who resorted to worshipping him.Coppola retains the name Kurtz, as used by Conrad to refer to his novel’s main antagonist character. Both the author and director of the novel and film respectively, depict Kurtz as a peculiar person with negative or questionable dispositions. For example, in the novel, the fence around Kurtz’s residence is made of skulls mounted on posts whereas, in the film, Willard’s order to kill Kurtz was based on the supposition that the latter was insane and a traitor. In addition, Kurtz’s character is symbolic for the negative effects of imperialism (film) and colonialism (novel). Afraid of the communist ideologies pervasive in Vietnam, the US used the war to try to spread their liberal, imperialist ideologies. Conversely, the scramble for natural resources such as ivory, which was abundant in Africa by European countries, exacerbated the spread of colonialism in the region. Kurtz represents the domineering nations’ greed for power and control regardless of the existence of sovereign native tribes, which they labeled as barbaric. The major contrast pertaining to Kurtz centered on his death. In the novel, Kurtz’s character succumbed to malaria whereas in the film he was murdered by Willard.In conclusion, the film loosely maintains the novel’s plot. however, the difference in setting contributes to the change in plot. Main characters in both the film and book share certain similarities. However, they also have various differences.Works Cited

How do you pronounce your name

When I was younger, though, I never knew the kind of impact my name would have on me.In elementary school, I was not very fond of my name. I always complained to myself how one day I would change it to Heaven. It would be easier for people to pronounce, and I would be free of hearing that overused question on a daily basis. As I grew older and matured, the views I had on my name changed drastically. I began to like the uniqueness of my name, and whenever the pause came to read my name, I was more than happy to correct the pronunciation. As I grew older and I began to fully understand why my mother would give me this name, I realized that what I had was more than just I name. I had a story to go with it.Born two months early and weighing only two pounds, it was more than a blessing for me to be alive, especially when the doctor was sure that either my mom or I was going to die during the birth. My mom, happy that we both survived, decided to name me Heavyn’le. Given the miracle that occurred the day of my birth, nothing else seemed to fit. My mom also said, “My name is so common, and I just wish that someone would have spelled my name a little different.” Therefore, to add to the uniqueness of my name, she had to add some spice to it, to make it “different.” Not only is my name unique, but it has a story behind it that has finally made me proud to bear the name that my mother blessed me with.Now that I am older, I have come to realize that my name helped make me who I am. I am able to understand why I was named Heavyn’le, and that it had not been picked on a whim but for a reason – life. I am not afraid to be different. I am constantly being told how pretty my name is, and I have even been asked if my name could be used in a short story.

Course of Action Statement and Sketch

In accordance with Field Manual (FM) 3-21-31 (2003), “Decisive operations at any echelon (accomplished by a designated main effort) directly achieve the purpose of the mission of the higher headquarters. At the SBCT level, there is only one decisive operation”. By that definition, once the attack by Ahurastan forces occurs, EUCOM will automatically switch to Phase 2, which is Seize the Initiative. With 4ID aviation assets disrupting enemy forces, it is hoped that the SBCT will be able to accomplish its main decisive operation as established by the 4ID CG, to designate two routes through AO for passage and to close said routes on/order. These routes have been designated on the map as the primary and alternate route. AA1 has been preliminary chosen as the primary route because of the dam adjacent to AA2. If the Commandos choose to sabotage the dam, road traffic would be cut off, especially considering there is no improved bridge on AA2. Because the 4ID battle plans are not finalized as of this date, it is impossible to determine whether the division CG will require simultaneous shaping and decisive operations. Therefore this COS will assume they will be separate entities. In order to maintain the Decisive Operations as described above, SBCT fires teams will be established at integral areas along both designated routes, as well attempting to neutralize all enemy assets in the AO. Engineer assets should be mobilized closer to AA2 with a fires team…. If the Commandos choose to sabotage the dam, road traffic would be cut off, especially considering there is no improved bridge on AA2. IV. Shaping operations Because the 4ID battle plans are not finalized as of this date, it is impossible to determine whether the division CG will require simultaneous shaping and decisive operations. Therefore this COS will assume they will be separate entities. In order to maintain the Decisive Operations as described above, SBCT fires teams will be established at integral areas along both designated routes, as well attempting to neutralize all enemy assets in the AO. As it slow to move them, Engineer assets should be mobilized closer to AA2 with a fires team in order to keep that route operational in case AA1 is overrun. If the area is not as heavily attacked as is predicted, the engineers can work on preparing a possible bridge over the ARAKS, even temporary will work in the event of an emergency. V. Sustaining operations By the FM, sustainment operations are conducted throughout the area of operations, so it would probably be best to break the sustainment down into the levels as discussed in Chapter 1 of the FM. The Op Order states the SBCT should be prepared to accomplish this mission for “several weeks”, until the Task Force is fully deployed and operational, a large order considering support is “austere”. V.1 Movement Military Police will provide movement control along the designated routes, especially once enemy forces have been neutralized. This will be one shortfall for the SBCT, as the MP’s will be stretched extremely thin along some 120 kilometers of roadway. If there are any MP assets available, perhaps the 4ID CG can attach them to the Combat Team, to augment our own forces. V.2 Security (Including rear

Challenges That Developing Countries Face In Trade in a Globalized World

China government auditing agency claimed that the toys distributed indicated some warning signs on the toys like, “small parts that could be swallowed or sharp edges that could cut a child”, however, according to New York Times, most of these toys exported from china, don’t include their brand name and are sold at fair prices (Barboza, 2007). This remains a major concern among parents regarding the safety of their children.The matter of safety is very important to everyone. Though China produces among the best toys in the world in a relevant fair price, the safety issue should not be compromised. In case of any incidents or accidents, the ones who are affected the most are parents. Chocking is common in children whatever the cause, therefore, it is important for such companies to be held liable for their mistakes until they meet the required safety standards. According to the New York time, it seemed like most of the workers in the toy producing company had no idea that the paint used to spray the toys included the lead in them (Barboza, 2007).Toys are play items intended not only for enjoyment but also for creativity and intellectual development of children. However, if the toys prove to be a danger than a friend, this may create confusion for children. The toy companies may also experience huge losses than profits if the toys are recalled frequently. When the toys are returned to their manufactures, for instance, the china companies, it only means that all the labour that had been put to place is in vain. The capital that was also involved in the manufacturing could yield no returns at all. Therefore, companies involved have to re-manufacture such toys with the right materials in place, thus leading to excess un-accounted for expenses. In the case of Thomas and friends’ toy company, failure to meet the safety standards could risk losing its market abroad and also huge profits. In most cases, the worst that could happen to such companies are having their licenses revoked as an act of discipline.

Economics According to Suze Orman and Eric Tyson

Orman’s top financial tips revolve around knowing the FICO score, saving money on the side, and making wise purchase decisions.Orman (2005) starts by stating that being broke is a matter of “relying on a cash advance on your credit card to pay the rent or mortgage, and praying that you have enough on your credit line to do so,” as well as “having a ton of student loans” and “not opening credit card bills” out of fear and then taking the late fees when they are not paid (p. 12). This differentiates people who are broke from people who have a limited amount of money. Therefore this book, unlike Tyson’s, is taking a stance on where their reader’s are in their lives. Instead of dictating how to save money as a passing habit, Orman is dictating how to save money and recover if the reader is already close to being, or is broke.Orman’s first bit of advice comes from the Fair Isaac Corporation, or FICO score. According to Orman (2005), one’s FICO score not only demonstrates where a person is financially, but it also determines the sort of things a person with a good FICO score will be capable of purchasing over someone with a poor FICO score. For instance, someone with a good FICO score would receive a lower interest rate on a car loan over someone with a poor FICO score. Score range from 500 to 850, with 850 being the best and 500 being the worst (p. 23).FICO rates depend on not only the rate at which bills are paid, and whether they are paid in full or not, but also by shopping habits. According to Orman (2005), credit card companies share spending habits with FICO, so that they are better able to generate the report. Student loans as well as careers are also piled into this report. Orman (2005) suggests readers learn their credit score to be sure that everything is correct. She even offers three credit bureaus.

Religion in The Lord of the Rings

The success of The Lord of the Rings as a religious medium is due to the fact that it is subtle in its Christian themes and isn’t what one might call a “preachy” Christian book.One theme that we find throughout The Lord of the Rings is the longing that many of the characters have to return to a former age where the world was a better and happier place. For instance, Gimli longs to see the former glory of the home of his ancestors. The elves also long for a return to the Elder Days before evil and darkness came into the world. Basically, there is an overall tone that the world is in a “fallen state.”The concept that the world is in a “fallen state” is a familiar one to Christians. The time of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is viewed as a paradise full of light and splendour. When evil was introduced and Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden, the glory that they experienced there faded from them and hardships and despair were introduced. Although they accepted their fate, they longed for a return to their former glory.When observing all the suffering and death in the world, it is not hard to understand why people feel the world has fallen from grace. As a consequence, many people hope for a better or more just world. As Bruner and Ware state, “Tolkien saw the world as neither completely right nor completely wrong, but rather as a good that has been violated, a beauty marred” (4). This is a major theme of Christianity. that we are trying to get back to the state before we were tainted. In other words, we are looking for redemption to make us whole again.The Christian concept of a Savior is also prevalent in The Lord of the Rings. Because Christians believe the world is in a broken and evil state, there is a need for someone to rise up and save the world from permanent darkness and despair.Three characters in the Lord of the Rings who fit this “Savior” role are Gandalf, Aragorn, and Frodo.