Uniqueness of 1960’s Decade

where some of the most important events of the 1970s. these events have somewhat eclipsed the historical significance of the 1960s. So which event of the 1960s is, according to me, so relevant in my life and to the rest of the modern world? I wish to put a focus on an event that took place almost five decades ago. It was the infamous Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. This event had a profound effect on the people across the North and South Americas, with the small Caribbean island nation of Cuba at the hyper-point (Axelrod, 2009). I feel this event changed the lives of millions of Americans, and particularly immigrants from Latin America, forever. This event also triggered off a series of socio-political and military events across the then mighty Communist Bloc, which sent ideological shockwaves across the bipolar world. The 1960 event of the Cuban Missile Crisis can be thought about in different ways. However, this event gave rise to the concept of Mutual Assured Destruction in the case a full fledge nuclear war had broken out between the then superpowers called USA (which is still existing) and USSR (which has disintegrated). Nevertheless, the Cuban issue continues to be prominent in the Western hemisphere of the world, and the five-decade-old Cuban Missile Crisis still influences our lives in many ways.In the USA during the 1950s, when the Cold War reached its height at the nuclear tests conducted by USSR, an arms race between the two ideological contrasting superpowers became a popular issue. Events like the Berlin Blockade had already made the situation in Eastern Europe extremely sensitive. The Communist upsurge in Cuba and the rise of Fidel Castro ensured the US people that the USA could now exercise little influence on that tiny island nation across the Gulf of Mexico. Moreover, refugees from Cuba who managed to reach the USA told the people there that how they had been persecuted by the Communists.