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Resarch Paper ResponsesALamp. Research Paper Responses al Affiliation Response to Familial DNA and the History of DNA by Douglas E Jackson, Jr. The paper has given comprehensive information regarding familial DNA with and the student has indicated a good grasp of DNA related issues. Indeed it is significant to note the aspect of crime and law enforcement in relation to familial DNA. However, privacy concerns related to familial DNA is too shallow. It is important to give privacy concerns a detailed touch considering that it is a crucial aspect in discussing familial DNA. It is worth noting, for instance that familial DNA searching tend to encroach on the privacy of relatives who are not even part of the crime. Fruits of DNA profiling have actually been incredible even though there have been call from various group to strictly limit utilization of DNA databases. This point has been exhausted in a good way by showing its development and where the issue stands currently as well as the actions taken by various bodies such as the federal government. The case discussed in the paper has strengthened the points and validated the significance of familial DNA. The paper is generally good and informative.Forensic Fingerprint Analysis byBlake E. SokalskiForensic fingerprint analysis has been accurately exhausted right from its initiation, development and the current use. Theories and facts relating to use of the fingerprints has been well detailed to validate the significance of the principles of fingerprint identification. The principles actually stand as the core of forensic fingerprint analysis and show a deeper understanding of the act. The diagrammatic representation of the ridges has also helped in understanding and even informing the logic behind the ridges. It is therefore easy for even a layman to grab what the student writes about because everyone has the ridges. However, the writer could have included some significant information such as who conducts the analysis and give a comprehensive explanation on how and where the analysis is performed. In addition, the writer could have considered a thorough analysis of the fingerprint analysis process by tackling issues such as comparisons, analysis, evaluation and verification process. Generally, the paper is fairly written and touches on the relevant information deemed important in the discussion.The Use of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis in Crime Scene Reconstruction byBrandi ParsellUse of bloodstain pattern analysis in crime scene reconstruction has been thoroughly examined by the writer. The writer has given the paper an excellent summarized introduction about the topic and highlighted examples of how to know the source of blood and the position of both the victim and the perpetrator. There is an element of deeper understanding of the topic and even an idea of the origin of the process. The writer has confirmed the knowledge of the blood pattern analysis by acknowledging that the process is based heavily on physics principals and other bodies of knowledge. However, the writer could have provided further information regarding the three phases of proper crime scene reconstruction by properly categorizing them. The investigation, analysis and reconstruction processes could have been given proper consideration by the writer. The writer has also not offered full color fold-out decision map that can guide analysts as well as detailed proven, applicable scientific methodologies. Generally, the paper has been fairly written and the general information regarding the topic covered well.Classmate al 7It is indeed true as explained by Kristie Milby that combating cyber crime requires mutual agreement among different countries and harmonization of laws about cyber crime. However, this may not be an easy task considering the political and ideological differences that have created tension among different nations of the world. Identification of cyber crime is actually a big headache even to the forensics and therefore it requires expansion and a more detailed research of the same. However, people downloading negative or rather immoral videos, images or any other content from the internet should not be prosecuted. The only people that can be prosecuted because they are directly involved are the people uploading the contents.It is surely true that technology has become a predominant presence in everyday world because of the availability of internet devices and the willingness of everyone to use the devices as explained by Brandi Parsell. However, going ahead of perpetrators in terms of combating cybercrime may not be an easy task per se. It cannot be achieved by efforts of only one nation or continent because people use the internet across the world. The only option is to impose tough global rules and regulations that can hold everyone across the world responsible. Perpetrators will always increase because there is no control and by virtue of them being ahead of the law enforces in terms of technicality and intelligence.