What is Harry Potter to You

Many generations of children grew up on stories and series about a wizard with a lightning bolt on his forehead. However, these books series were condemned for "propaganda of black magic." After the appearance of a series of such books, numerous children were willing to study in boarding schools, and the number of boarding schools has significantly increased in the United Kingdom. The Guardian told about all these issues in a selection of 20 facts about Harry Potter, and all those were involved in the 20th anniversary of the first publication of the story in the world. The circulation of the book series "Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone" in 1997 numbered only 500 copies, 300 of which immediately went to libraries in the world. Fans and collectors are willing to pay £ 30,000 for each of these series by Rowling. In the book "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," a young wizard fights in a duel with Lord Voldemort. He accidentally causes the dark knight’s wand to reverse images of the characters Voldemort killed. Harry’s father, James, appears in front of his mother Lily, whom, according to the story, he helped to escape and died. What is Harry Potter to you? Rowling herself later admitted that it was her mistake, which was corrected in subsequent reprints of the series. The release of the first book about Potter in the series in 1997, almost no one noticed. That day, people were more interested in the election of the Prime Minister of Ireland, Bertie Ahern, his relationship with the then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair, the performance of "Spice Girls" and the love life of Princess Diana. Rowling designed the books about Harry so that their characters would grow with the readers. Each book was published until the next school year, raising deeper and more mature topics. For example, the Ministry of Magic opposes the bureaucracy of the White House and executives of the United Kingdom. In 20 years of existence, Rowling’s bestseller series have become material for research in the humanities. Scholars undertake to develop intertextuality in books, try to find manifestations of pagan views in the story about the wizard, undertake psychoanalysis of the characters’ actions, and undertake to analyze the events of novels from the point of view of the Holocaust. In several US states, Rowling’s books were burned because they allegedly encouraged children to practice black magic. "Behind the innocent face is the nature of satanic darkness. Harry Potter is the devil, and we need to destroy him," Pastor Jack Brock announced during a funeral service in 2001. Joan Rowling wrote her first book as a single mother, occasionally visiting Nicholson’s cafe and locking herself in the back room of the Elephant House in Edinburgh. The coffee shop now operates as a Chinese restaurant, and the house is so popular with tourists from all over the world that it seems the queues there go on forever. The fascination with the Harry Potter series became such a fever that the market for adult readers was huge. But they were embarrassed to appear in public with a children’s book. That’s why the first "adult" edition appeared in 1998. All the same, just with more gloomy covers. Nowadays, this book is popular among children and adults.