Why the Idea of Having Anonymous CVs Makes Sense From the Perspective of Providing Diversity and Equality at the Workplace

It is a well-known fact that in much of the developed world, there are laws that mandate equal opportunity as well as prohibition of discriminatory practices on the basis of gender and race. However, there is enough evidence that in reality, most of these practices continue unchecked. Whether the employers are following the laws only in letter and not in spirit is the question. From the perspective of social justice and diversity, it is indeed the case that active discrimination exists.The so-called “glass ceiling” is a term that is used to describe the limits to the career growth of a woman in the corporate world. Similarly, racial profiling and discrimination are abhorrent instances where people of a specific ethnic race are discriminated against. The article in question is about how anonymous CV’s or those CV’s where the name and the gender of the applicant including the race are not mentioned on the CV in order for the applicants not to be rejected before they can be called for interview. (Paul, 2006)In this section, I analyse the article from the viewpoint of whether it is a good starting point in the quest for equality and diversity. The article certainly is free of biases and the writer explains the rationale behind suggesting anonymous CV’s. As the introduction to the article makes it clear, “Race advisers and equality campaigners have called on the government to make "anonymous" CVs and job applications compulsory to overcome discrimination against women and people with African or Asian surnames.Some British companies have already begun stripping out personal details so those deciding who to invite for interview are only told about their qualifications and experience, and not their ethnicity, gender or age.” (Williams and Bates, 2010).As a point of departure from the articles about equality and diversity, this article certainly is worth considering on the merits of its arguments. The writers leave their prejudices and heuristics behind and present the material in an even and balanced manner.